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Connectors Motive Power Batteries

MSS Products is the largest UK stockholder of battery connectors used in large motive power batteries used in equipment such as:

  • Forklift Trucks
  • Pallet trucks
  • Electric Vehicles

The connectors are used to connect each cell in the battery together to provide the overall power output of the battery.
The connectors are produced from a specially designed copper cable to give maximum connector flexibility with an acid resistant rubber outer coating. The connector heads are then encapsulated in an acid resistant moulding. The connector head is designed to fit onto the cell pillar giving an airtight seal once bolted into position with the plastic headed bolt, which can also be supplied by MSS.
The connectors are produced from a number of different cable sizes dependent on the power rating of the battery, the main sizes are:


1) 25mm Sq Cable
2) 35mm Sq Cable
3) 50mm Sq Cable
4) 70mm Sq Cable
5) 95mm Sq Cable

The connectors are then stocked in a variety of lengths determined by the centre distance in mm between the bolt holes at each end of the connector.

Perfect Cable Connectors

Product Specification

Models:- Suitable for DIN & BS traction batteries

Sizes:- Available in 25, 35, 50, 70 and 95 diameter

Centre Distance:- from 75mm to 3000mm

Take-Off Leads

Product Specification

Material:- High quality, TPE Super Flex ‘Forprene’ sheathed copper cable.

Models:- Suitable for DIN, BS abd BCI traction batteries.

Sizes:- Available in 25, 35, 50, 70 and 95 mm² diameter.

Centre Distance:- from 75mm to 3000mm.

Plastic Headed Bolts for Motive Power Cells

As mentioned earlier MSS Products also stocks the necessary plastic headed bolts that attach the battery connectors to the cell pillars. These bolts are primarily in sizes:1) M10 x 22mm Long
2) M10 x 18mm Long

The bolts are stocked in both black and grey colours and the plastic bolt heads come with or without an electrical test point.
The bolts include a section of precoat on the threads to ensure the bolt will retain the necessary torque pressure between the Cell Pillar, connector and bolt.


OPzS is used to refer to a flooded type of tubular-plate, lead acid, deep cycle batteries. These batteries, generally have a cell voltageof 2 volts and are connected in series to produce higher voltages.
These types of batteries are generally vented and are used in stationary applications like; solar, wind and backup energy storage. They contain a liquid electrolyte which is generally composed of diluted sulfuric acid.
OPzS stands for : O = Ortsfest (stationary) Pz = PanZerplatte (tubular plate) S = Flüssig (flooded)
OPzS batteries are often time referred to as stationary batteries. A variant of these types of batteries that are valve regulated and have gel electrolyte are called OPzV. These are a maintenance free variant of OPzS.
Your benefits with OPzV
Maintenance-free regarding water refilling – due to innovative Gel-technology
Very high expected service life – due to optimized lead-calcium alloy
Very high cycle stability – due to tubular plate design
Maximum compatibility – Dimensions according to DIN 40742
Optimal space utilization – due to possibility of horizontal arrangement. Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation – based on system connectors

Product Specification

Material:- Lead Alloy of 4.5% antimony for OPzS and 2T alloy for OPzV.

Sizes:- Height from 77.5mm to 177mm
Type of inserts:- Brass and Copper
Plating:- Inserts are 100% pure lead plated

Typical Applications of OPzV

Mobile phone stations,
Off-grid/on-grid solutions

Traffic systems:-
Security lighting

Bolted Cell Pillars (Motive Power lead terminal post)

We can supply a range of pillars from large to small in a variety of different lead antimony alloys from 9% antimony to 4% The pillars are all cast with a very high quality / high strength brass insert. These inserts can be cast in the plain brass finish or pure lead, pure tin and lead/tin alloy electroplated finish depending on customer specification. As well as the standard dimensional checks, pillars supplied are rigorously tested for porosity, torque test, for the bonding of the insert and for surface finish.


Product Specification

Material:- Lead Alloy of 4.0%-4.5% antimony for Traction (motive power) post and Varying antimony from 4.5% to 9% for Stationary battery terminal post.
Varying Tin alloy from 0.6% to 2.0% for Gel battery Terminal post.

Models:- As per
DIN (German Standard) BS (British Standard) BCI (American Standard)
Sizes:- Height from 50.5mm to 93mm for Motive power and Gel battery terminal post.
90mm to 188mm for stationary battery post
Type of inserts:- Brass and Copper
Plating:- Inserts are 100% pure lead plated

MSS can produce highly complex and accurate Sleeved, plated and bare copper rigid connector.

Product SpecificationMaterial:- ETP Copper
Sizes:- As per customers specification
Plating:- 100% pure lead and Tin plated. Plating thickness up to 100 micron in lead up to 10 micron in Tin
Special Plating:- 93/7 Lead tin plating

Bare Brass Insert

Product Specification

Material:- Copper and Brass
Sizes:- As per customers specification

Design:- Hexagonal and round shape design

Plating:- 100% pure

Lead and Tin plated

Injection Moulded Plastic Components

Product Specification

Models:- Plastic lids, Bottom bars, Sealing washers and support plates
Sizes:- As per customers specification
Capaility:- Can produce highly complex and accurate injection moulded components.


Electrical Vehicle Battery Connectors

With the increasing demand for electric and hybrid cars MSS has worked with its customers and supply chain partners to produce new busbars and connectors specifically designed for the electrical vehicle (EV) market.
These connectors are produced in complex three-dimensional shapes and have a variety of finishes with tin plating and insulation sleeving.

These busbars are designed to connect the EV Battery to the main electrical transmission system in the EV.

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