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Busbar Systems for Green Hydrogen Production

Since 2019 MSS has been working with customers on providing busbar solutions for Green Hydrogen production plants. The production of Green Hydrogen is increasing rapidly, and we have seen increased demand from customers in Europe and North America for tailored busbar system solutions for different process routes for Hydrogen production.

The primary route for green Hydrogen production is from the use of electrolysers. Based on the MSS Team’s experience in working on Chlorine electrolyser projects we have been able to leverage our design capability for the supply of busbar systems for Green Hydrogen production projects.

MSS realise that the Green Hydrogen production industry is in the early stages of development and can work with customers on research and development, prototyping and pre-production trials.

MSS Can also supply busbars and components for the hydrogen electrolyser and can work with the electrolyser design teams to come up with the optimum component designs for the electrolyser.