MSS Products supply a range of bespoke components for the electrical equipment manufacturing industry. Where you find a requirement for copper and copper alloy components in your electrical equipment MSS Products can supply based on our 30 years’ experience in this field.
Our components are traditionally used in electrical equipment such as:

  • Medium and Low Voltage switchgear
  • Panel Boards
  • Switchboards
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Low Voltage Busduct
  • Fusegear
  • Electrical distribution boards

Through the use of state of the art computer design software including 3D modelling, our experienced engineering teams in the UK and India can work with customers on value engineering of existing components as well as on the development new components.

Pressed Parts

Our pressed parts are mainly sourced from our manufacturing facility in Nasik, India where we have extensive production facilities for the manufacturing of pressed parts. The MSS India production facility consist of a range of 22 presses with a production capacity of 20 tonnes to 250 tonnes.

Our range of copper pressed parts can be supplied in a number of different surface finishes such as tinned or silver plating

Machined Parts

We source our machined parts from many high-quality sources around the world however the majority of machined components, especially in copper are being sourced from MSS India.
Over the last 10 years MSS India has invested millions of USD in state of the art CNC machining equipment in a new 20,000 Sq ft factory to create one of the most advanced sub-contract CNC machine shops in India.

Using a variety of other suppliers, in addition to MSS India, allows MSS to build on the strengths of each supplier and optimise the pricing and capacity of the supplier base. For example some suppliers have more capability in high volume machining of smaller parts with other suppliers preferring smaller batch manufacturing.

Busbar fabrications

MSS Products range of fabricated busbars form an essential part of our customers equipment being used primarily in switchgear panels, distribution boards and motor control centres.
Our fabricated busbars can be manufactured in a variety of sizes from small individual busbars at 25 x 6 mm up to large busbar kits made up of multiple bars of 200 x 12mm copper bars.
The bars can have a variety of finishes to suit various electrical requirements such as:

  • Tin Plating
  • Silver Plating
  • Heat Shrink Sleeving

Our busbars can be produced on short lead times through our integrated CAD / CAM manufacturing system which allows the factory to upload customer CAD drawings to the CNC busbar fabrication machines, which are fed with our extensive stocks of copper bars. This can significantly shorten lead times for our customers.


We can offer four different types of flexible connections
1) Resistance Welded Laminated Flexibles
2) Solder Consolidated Laminated Flexibles
3) Wrapped Laminated Flexibles
4) Braided Flexibles
Most flexibles are produced in copper materials however we also produce flexibles in aluminium materials.
The copper flexibles supplied by MSS Products are high performance flexibles that offer low resistance with maximum flexibility allowing our customers to have confidence in the long-term performance of the flexibles.
The flexibles can be supplied in a number of finishes such as:

  • Tin Plating
  • Silver Plating
  • Heat shrink sleeving