Electrical Properties

Electrical Properties at 20°C

DesignationsVolume ResistivityMass ResistivityConductivity
MaterialΩ ×mm2 /mΩ ×g /m2MS/m% IACSb
SymbolNumberMaterial conditionmax.max.min.min.
0,017 070,15158,6101,0
Cu-OFECW009Aannealed0,017 240,153 358,0100,0
Cu-PHCECW022Aother than annealedto be agreed between the purchaser and the supplier
Cu-ETPCW004AD0,017 860,158 856,096,6
Cu-FRHCCW005AH035     R2000,017 240,153 358,0100,0
Cu-OFCW008AH065     R250
CuAg0,04CW011AH065    R230
CuAg0,07CW012AH085    R3000,017 540,155 957,098,3
CuAg0,10CW013AH085    R280
CuAg0,04(0F)CW017AH075    R260
CuAg0,07(0F)CW018AH100    R3500,017 860,158 856,096,6
CuAg0,04PCW014AH035    R2000,017 540,155 957,098,3
CuAg0,07PCW015AH065    R250
CuAg0,10PCW016AH065    R230
Cu-HCPCW021AH085    R3000,017 860,158 856,096,6
H085    R2800,018 180,16155,094,8
H075    R260
H100    R350

NOTE 1:The % IACS values are calculated as percentages of the standard value for annealed high conductivity copper as laid down by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Copper having a volume resistivity 0,017 24 p0 x m at 20 °C, is defined as corresponding to a conductivity of 100 %.

NOTE 2: 1 MS/m is equivalent to 1 m/(Ω x mm2).
a : Calculated with a density of copper 8,89 g/cm3.
b : IACS: International Annealed Copper Standard.