mss products

Electrical Assemblies

MSS Products manufactures a range of electrical assemblies for the low and medium voltage switchgear industry as well as a range of other products for electrical transmission equipment manufacturers. Typical assemblies would include:

  • Disconnect switches
  • Fuse Cut out Units
  • Earth bar assemblies
  • Circuit breaker contact clusters
  • Coil Assemblies
  • Busbar assemblies

We offer support to customers throughout the design and manufacturing process as the majority of our manufactured assemblies are to customer specific designs. MSS Products can also arrange for certification and type testing of critical electrical assemblies with some of the electrical test centres we work with.
Our customers have found a number of advantages in working with MSS Products on the supply of electrical assemblies, such as:

  • Cost reductions of up to 50% on assemblies utilizing the low-cost assembly production centre at MSS India.
  • Reduced inventories of the finished top level assemblies as well as the removal of all inventory of the component parts.
  • Lower customer overheads in managing the procurement and in-house production of the assemblies.
  • Outsourcing of the assemblies has enabled Customers to redeploy labour into other production areas and equipment assembly.
  • Significant savings in factory floor space where the floor space dedicated to the manufacture of the component parts and the assembly work can be put to other uses.

For more information please refer to the downloadable PDF fact sheets below.