DC Busbar Systems

Working with our sister company G Corner Electrical Systems Ltd (www.gcorner.co.uk) and our production unit MSS India Pvt Ltd, MSS Products can supply turnkey High Current DC Busbar system projects for clients around the world.High Current DC Busbar Systems are used in many diverse applications; however, the main use is in electrochemical applications where there is a requirement for high DC currents used in chemical refinery processes, these would typically be:Base metal refining for metals such as1) Copper
2) Zinc
3) Nickel
4) CobaltOther Metal refinery installations such as for AluminiumChlorine refining for products such as:

1) Chlorine Dioxide
2) Caustic Soda
3) Bleaching Agents

IT data centres

Renewable energy power transmission systems

The DC Busbar systems are made up of a number of key components which are designed to suit each individual client’s installation and requirements. The main busbar system components would be:
1) Main trunk busbars
2) Flexible expansion busbars
3) Transformer rectifier connection flexibles
4) Intercell and endcell busbars
5) Steel support structures and clamping arrangement

Due to our extensive experience in working on DC busbar projects MSS Products can also offer services such as:

1) Consulting services on existing plant performance
2) Installation and commissioning supervision
3) Refinery personnel training

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