mss products


Global sourcing & supply of metal products

Based on a solid foundation as one of the UK’s leading nonferrous metal stockholders over the last 40 years MSS Products Ltd is now one of the most successful providers of nonferrous metal products in the world covering raw materials, components and sub-assemblies.

From our head office and main logistics centre in Manchester UK, MPL can service customers across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe from our extensive stocks with our dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles.

In components our strength comes from our global capability of sourcing the most competitive and highest quality products for our customer’s needs.

With our main production unit in Nasik, India and other sourcing offices worldwide we are able to seek the most competitive products from high quality suppliers around the world.

We simplify the process of sourcing and stocking materials and finished products from global manufacturers, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of utilizing less costly foreign supplies, while encountering none of the problems such as high inventory levels, language barriers and shipping arrangements.
Not only that, based on our local stockholding we think you’ll find that purchasing from a foreign supplier is no different from a domestic manufacturer except that you will see reduce material costs and increased profits.

What’s more, MSS Products is an ISO 9001 approved organisation, with our operations monitored and controlled by rigorous internal auditing so you can be sure that we’ll deliver the right products on time, every time!